The Cool Table Counter-Strike: GO Server.



  • Tickrate: 128
  • Friendly Fire: ON
  • Max Players: 16
  • Bots: On – Fill – 8
  • All Talk: ON
  • Zeus: Enabled
  • Start Cash: $800
  • Buy Armor: YES
  • Max Rounds: 15
  • Mercy Limit: First to 8 Wins


  • Be cool, don’t be a douche.
  • Hacks, hacks are not cool. Don’t use them.
  • No recruiting. I don’t care about your scrim team and how you want to be MLG PRO BRO!
  • Play for the objective. If you have the bomb please make an effort to plant.
  • Keep the cussing to a minimum. A constant stream of profanities isn’t cool.
  • No harassing other players. We’re a casual pub trying to have fun. Don’t constantly tell that one guy how terrible he is.


We try to keep out maps list to standard maps we know a majority of people like. We have some SE maps on the server for competitive players, we have some standard maps for the players who like pretty things, we have some custom maps for the people who like variety beyond the same old standard maps.

You can view all the maps we currently have on the server via our  Steam Workshop Collection for The Cool Table.

Subscribing to the collection will pre-load the maps for you so you don’t have to wait for them to load as they are played in game.

We do not have a set map rotation. Players vote for the next map at the conclusion of each match.


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