Are you ready for 1.9? Well so are we. Waiting on you Spigot Devs!

By: ToxicAirEvent on February 29th, 2016

Mojang somewhat unbeknownst to me pushed the Minecraft 1.9 Update yesterday night/early this morning.

We’ve always been fans of keeping plugins light on The Cool Table up to the latest and greatest version of minecraft giving the game the most vanilla feel possible with helpful management and features added via plugins.

The down side to using plugins is you have to use a platform such as Spigot MC to keep things running. Specifically we use Spigot if you’re having trouble catching on here.

The Spigot Devs themselves said they aimed for Monday or Tuesday however with Mojang pushing the release slightly look for it later this week. We’ll also need to do some basic plugin comparability testing once the build is out.

All in all expect it to be a bit before we upgrade The Cool Table to version 1.9. In the meantime the server will continue to run as it always has on its current version (1.8.x).

Thanks for being patient everyone.

Minecraft Server Has Moved

By: ToxicAirEvent on February 1st, 2016

This post I’m going to say up front is probably about 2 and a half week overdue. This was all handled a while back but has never been covered and basically done for a while. Life got in the way and made this take some extra time. Anyway here we are…

For the last year, maybe closer to a year and a half The Cool Table minecraft server was running on a droplet at Digital Ocean. It was great because it was a decent server that some of the admins behind The Cool Table could get discounts or free time on seeing as we were Students. However overtime the quality of performance went down. I don’t know if this was Digital Ocean, the fact that Minecraft through some iterations of Spigot became more demanding, or a little of both.


We finally decided it was time to move on from Digital Ocean and are now at our new host on a dedicated box. The server is still located in New York and you as players shouldn’t notice many if any changes. If anything you’ll just notice some better performance because the server now has two faster cores and an additional 2gb of RAM.

We’ve also made some plugin changes that should stabilize the server better since the transitiona and finding plugins that work well or are designed specifically to interface with Spigot and not bucket proved difficult for a time since Bukkit some unexpectedly died. Most of it was compatible or has since been made compatible since the Bukkit development was killed by a DCMA and moved exclusively to Spigot.

When it comes to these optimizations I’ll just make this small list below. Also as always the server can be connected to and played on via as its address. Full rules can also be found under the minecraft tab.


  • New server with 4 and a half gb of RAM instead of the previous 2gb. 2 cores as always but now faster and I’m pretty sure a more modern version.
  • Vanish plugin for staff members to observe or fake quit and join was switched from VanishNoPacket to SuperVanish.
  • The auto restart plugin is now JenoRestart and reboots are every 12 hours right now. Might be adjusted to 8 hours.
  • Changed and reduced the number of chat advertisements seen on the server.
  • Added a Discord Server for The Cool Table. You can use that to chat if you like and is also the quickest way to get an admin online or alert them to issues if none are online.
  • Added protocol lib plugin to handle its optimizations and certain customization’s to the server better.
  • THANKS TO A LOT TO yrthilian for handling most of these optimizations. At least the ingame and plugin related ones.