DE_SANTORINI has been added to the PUG server

By: ToxicAirEvent on November 2nd, 2015

With it’s release today by FMPONE we’ve decided to add De_Santorini to our PUG Mod servers.

The current full map rotation can be found on our Steam Workshop Page. Please note that Santorini has simply been added to the normal rotation of maps and is not guaranteed to be the map you play. The map that will be played is simply depended on what the 10 players in the server vote for once all players have readied up. With this map being so popular however it is more than likely it is all you’ll be seeing for the next few days.


Additionally please note that the SURF server will be shutdown for the time being. The load of all the players trying to 10man and constant high rate of request to the server makes running the SURF server incredibly difficult at this time since it is a CPU monster above and beyond what these normal 10 man servers require. It caused a lot of lag earlier in the day when all three servers were running.

Also please consider joining our steam group. We’re trying to start having more consistent 10man scrim and PUG nights. The more users we have in our group the easier it is to fill the servers and get more games in without having to wait around. Plus it is easy access to any announcements we make.

On a final note if you’d like to help keep the servers up and running please consider doing so. We’re paying for this out of our own pocket at this point. It isn’t a lot (abut $25 a month) but the more that we don’t have to pay the better because extra money allows us to scale up the hardware on the server we are renting and setup extra servers so people aren’t constantly locked out. Donate more than $2 and we’ll give you a reserve slot.