October… Fall… Season of changes.

By: ToxicAirEvent on September 30th, 2015


This post is a somewhat long time coming and I’ve already applied basically all of these changes to the server if you all didn’t already notice. However here we go anyway.


PVP has been turned off. We enjoyed that experience for a time however it never really came to be much of anything. PVP didn’t punish bad play like we hoped and lead basically just to some people being assholes to each other. As a result we’ve decided to remove it. As a result of PVP being gone DeathBanPlus has also been removed from the server. This plugin might return someday in order to make dying in this survival world of ours slightly more punishing. I’m going to leave it off until at least the end of October however.


Many of you will be happy to see that Warps have returned. Simply type /warps into chat to see a list of all the warps and /warp <warpName> to go to a specific warp. Pretty straight forward. If any of the information on the warps is in German I’m sorry but the guy who made this plugin is German. It also happens to be one of the only working warps plugins out there.


The rate at which users see the chat advertisements has been moved up to once every two minutes instead of once every 3 minutes. I also added a whole new set of chat emotes based on suggestions that were given during our new moderator application process. The full set of chat emotes is listed below.


Remember everyone we have a mumble server. You can get all the information on it at cooltable.org/mumble. It is a lot like skype but with better audio quality and more people can talk at once. It also has a text chat paired with it for sharing of links or communicating when you don’t have a mic. I highly recommend using it.


I added a plugin called MobArena which will let you fight monsters with your friends for extra loot. The arena isn’t fully set up yet as some work needs to be done converting the PVP Arena to work with the Mob Arena. I know a lot of you would like a PVP Arena but finding a good, free, and working PVP Arena plugin doesn’t seem to be a thing that really exist. At least not one that is compatible with Spigot 1.8.x. If you can find one let me know and I’ll look into adding it.


AutoRestart is now back up and running. It was having some real issues. So now the server will automatically shutdown, clear all its memory, and save all your builds every 6 hours. Hopefully this will help out with some of the lag many of you are experiencing when placing certain blocks. Also I installed a long list of needed updates to the operating system for the server as well as updated to the latest version of Java for the server. Ideally this will help out with some of the lag or occasional crashes as well.

If you want to see how far a server restart is at any given moment all users have been given access to the /autore time command.


New moderators were added. Some were people that applied for positions. Some were people who the staff of the server thought would make good picks to help out running this show. You’ll see them around but just know they are there.


Finally Lockette should now be useful and able to protect dispensers. No guarantees because this is Minecraft we’re talking about here. Actually modded Minecraft and I think we all know how that shit tends to go.

(//THE REST//)