We Feeding The Beast Now!

By: ToxicAirEvent on January 16th, 2017

After many years and many iterations we’re trying something really different with The Cool Table.

We always played on a totally vanilla or close to vanilla version of minecraft. We were dedicated to the core of the game. HOWEVER! Once in a while everyone needs a change. Traffic to the server had slowed down for many reasons. Minecraft for the PC is popular but it is hardly at its height. At least seemingly. Some of us who have been at it since beta or alpha release wanted to crank it up a notch after years of playing the game in a vanilla or close to vanilla state.

As a result we decided to make the jump to Feed The Beast Hermitpack.


The rules and goals of the server are the same as ever. Basically have fun building, and be cool to each other.

If you want to see or review the rules in full take a look at our rules page. The rules page also contains info about how to connect to the server and get Feed The Beast with Hermit Pack on it’s feet.

IP is the same as always. You can connect via minecraft.cooltable.org and the server location is still in New York.

If you need any help joining the server or getting Feed The Beast up and running feel free to drop us a help line in Discord. I (ToxicAirEvent) or Haaammit will be happy to help. So will whoever else happens to be present at the time. Everyone here is pretty cool.

If your wondering what you can do on the server please consult our User Commands List or just simply ask.


On a final note please feel free to provide feedback to us on how to improve the server in Discord or on the community forum. This is our first foray into modded minecraft so there will be some trial and error here I’m almost 100% sure of it.


Server Down Until Early Next Week

By: ToxicAirEvent on October 29th, 2016

If you’re looking to play on the server in the next few days it will be down. We’re sorry for this but our VPS needs an update to a more current operating system version with some better methods of handling reads and writes to the disk. Overall this should improve server performance and result in less wasted space. Making these updates takes some time. Both in doing them and just backing up all the files before making the changes.

The world and server will be as you left it when it was taken down so don’t worry about losing any progress or builds.

The Cool Table will return sometime late Monday night (October 31st) or Tuesday afternoon (November 1st), I’ll be posting updates as needed.

Check the discord Minecraft channel for the most recent updates!

The Transcontinental Railroad!

By: ToxicAirEvent on July 31st, 2016


In an effort to make The Cool Table more community oriented with a common goal that brings all the members together we’ve decided to set in on some community builds. To encourage people to help with these community builds we’ve developed jobs that will revolve around completion of the goals. Many moons ago we had an idea to build an extensive rail network to link towns and settlements players have on the server. I and some others who have moved on from The Cool Table thought it would be a unique build, an interesting build, a cool way to unite settlements on the server, and a nice way to sightsee the world.

The idea was put on the back burner at one time. Not many were involved in the server, we didn’t really think it through super well in the initial conception. Recently in a forum thread asking what people would like to see out of the server the idea was floated by me again. People seemed to like it so we set in on it. Being someone who generally moves kind of slow it took time to fully bring to fruition but we finally did it. As of now the economy, jobs, and build are active on the server. So please come join us and help us build the railroad.



In the forum thread that started this all you can find the proposed map for the railroad. We decided to start small and we’re building ONLY THE BLUE LINE FIRST.  It starts at spawn and runs southwest toward Haaammits house where a new settlement will be built. The end goal is for these settlements to act as places to pull players together. You can work various jobs and setup chestshops to trade materials for money earned from your job. Use the money for whatever you like. Be it to help you do your jobs or for your own creative side projects.

The Blue Line Railroad.

The Blue Line Railroad.

To a certain extent we’re roll-playing here. We’re not going all the way back to the 1800’s when the actual first transcontinental railroad was built but the idea is the same. The tracks are an easy way to travel and move material. So people live near them and use them. Role play in that way. Build with the railroad but still use your own creativity to build your own unique structures. Have fun with it!

As for the RED LINE TO THE NORTH we will build it… eventually. We want to knock this out one line at a time and Haaammit and company has already built some unique structures along the way so by default we’re heading that way.


Haaammit being much better at building than I has come up with some proposed styles of track structures you can see above. The Track Layer job has been designed and centered around playing the blocks needed to build these structures on ground. There is a separate job for building the bridges and tunnels. Talk to Haaammit for more info or warp to the example locations to see the templates for these structures, or just use these photos as the template to help you complete your work.

Additionally in order to help give a sense of direction where to build you can follow the markers I placed down which show where the railroad should run. We don’t want it to be too twisty turny or have too many random inclines to do your best to clear land to make the track fit through the world. Some inclines are too be expected however so don’t shy away from them. Look to ToxicAirEvent, or Haaammit for input. We’ll also be looking to add more admins, moderators, or just chiefs of staff over time to assist as leaders to the builds.

2016-07-11_17.07.20 2016-07-11_17.07.25 2016-07-11_17.08.21


As aforemention we now have jobs and an economy, as well as chest shops.

The following commands will be useful to all players.

  • /jobs browse – see all the jobs on the server and what you do if you take that job.
  • /jobs join <jobName> – Join a job of your choice.
  • /jobs leave <jobName> – Leave a job you’re already working.
  • /money – See how much money you have.
  • /money pay [name] [amount] – Send money to others
  • /BuyClaimBlocks – Buy extra claim blocks to protect your land.
  • /SellClaimBlocks – Sell excess claim blocks for some extra cash.

ChestShops can be setup using signs with the following format:


Make sure you’ve got the correct item name or ID.

The plugins we are using to accomplish these features are: ChestShop for iConomy Recreation, iConomy Recreation, and Jobs for iConomy Recreation. So if you want any more info on them or how to use them that we have not listed yet check out their plugin pages. For commands most useful to you based on how our server is configured check out our Player Commands Page!


Each player can work up to 2 jobs at one time. Different jobs have different max levels. The more you work a job the move money you will be paid per action done from the base pay. (Ex. Base pay for placing X block is $1. If you place enough blocks to reach level 2 in the job you’re pay will be increased to $1.25 for each block placed) The levels scale different from job to job. Some will pay more up front but increase in pay less over time. Others will pay less up front, but more as you level them.

Additionally leaving a job comes with a penalty. You lose 55% of your rank when leaving a job. So if you are a level 100 builder and leave that job for another one 55% of your level is lost. Meaning if you ever come back to the builder job you’ll be reset to level 45. This is to prevent job jumping constantly to game the system to whatever your most lucrative current activity is.

Jobs also generate experience which is credited towards your actual in game experience in minecraft that you can use to enchant items or do whatever else you wish with.

All money in your account accrues interest of 2% once per day.


It now cost $33 to warp to any of your homes in game. We’ve always wanted to keep movement within the world a bit more vanilla with things like cooldown, warmups, and basically not just have people zipping all over the place. As a result we’re now imposing an economic penalty to warp home or to anyone’s home for that matter if you’re invited to use another players. For now that is all that will cost money when it comes to warping. We may adjust this later as we figure out exactly where we want the economy and jobs to fit into the play style of everyone on the server.


Thanks for sitting at The Cool Table with us everyone! I know this is a long post but I think it pretty much covers all the changes we’ve recently decided to make. As with anything else there will be some screw ups, some growing pains, and glitches. If you encounter any or find something we missed mentioning here on the blog please bring it to our attention. The idea is that this website functions as a wiki to archive all the various information and goings ons of the server. Hit us up on the forum or bring it to our attention in Discord. In game works as well too but the limited character space to talk in chat makes it the most difficult.

Much love and lets have fun going forward!

PS: Dynamp! A lot of you have asked for it with this new project going forward since it would make tracking the progress of everything much easier. Well have no fear it isn’t quite here! It will be soon. The server minecraft is located on has limited space as it is an SSD to allow quicker loading of the world in game. Dynmap takes A LOT OF SPACE so it needs to be configured in a way that requires us to jump through some hoops to save its data to another but much larger harddrive. it will work, it is just a slow process getting it to work. So be on the lookout for the dynmap in the coming 7-10 days. We have been working on it.

THE PURGE: Minecraft Server Donor and Admin permissions list edition.

By: ToxicAirEvent on April 24th, 2016

Users removed from permissions list for donations or admins are as follows:

  • megastoejoe – Restored to normal user.
  • otentacles
  • Tacitus_Animus – Overlord demoted to Marshal rank.
  • filletsack
  • Private_PenQuin – Returned to normal user.
  • Kyle_ETP – Now a normal user. Gets to keep is name prefix out of legacy.
  • guy151
  • BFKelleher – Returned to normal user status. Gets to keep name prefix and suffix for legacy reasons.
  • MajorBaylor
  • connortri
  • orgy_porgy
  • iBlameNinjas
  • mauzgrau – Restored to normal user. Name prefix kept out of legacy.
  • otterbot69
  • Tristanator01
  • Hayyya
  • NickWasHere09 – Restored to normal user.
  • Rolandminer
  • kaicook
  • Nooie
  • Dyldog18
  • Rolandminer
  • RegularCandy
  • UncommonCandy
  • That_One_Goat
  • Mistti
  • CoolCreeper16
  • Oldballs
  • Feone
  • Thebestofan
  • SnowBijou
  • Dyldog18
  • LeftyisWestoid


We removed a lot of these users from our permissionex file (which mangers user permissions, prefixes, and suffixes) due to inactivity on the server. We believe if you are going to be of any staff rank on the server you should at least be somewhat active on the server. We understand lives get in the way resulting in users taking time away from the server. Many of these users who have been removed had not logged in for over 6 months. Which we feel is too long.

The other users removed still had name prefixes or permissions from donations and had overstayed their welcome. We have not always used BuyCraft to manage donation rewards and their lengths of time. For that reason some users had slipped through the cracks and were able to keep their donation rewards for longer than they should. Many of these users had been inactive for extremely long periods of time so they won’t even know or notice.

If you were removed and feel it was a mistake make a post on the forum (preferred method) explaining why you should be reinstated. Please direct those post to the Minecraft Ban Appeal category. If you don’t want to make a forum post you can alternatively contact us through the #minecraft text channel in Discord.

Do not contact us in game about it or via private messages. We as admins are trying to make our decision making and rule enforcement more transparent to everyone sitting at The Cool Table in order to make the server administration more understood to everyone at The Cool Table. We are doing this in the interest of fairness and to facilitate discussion for how rules will be handled, enforced, and modified going forward.

16 person Free-For-All Deathmatch is now active.

By: ToxicAirEvent on April 6th, 2016

Hello boys and girls. I’m excited to announce that we now have a 16 person free for all Deathmatch server for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It is located in New York, is 128 tick, 16 players, Free-For-All, and uses all the active duty maps plus some community favorites from past operations.

The IP is: ENJOY!

Full Info:

  • IP:
  • Location: New York, USA – US EAST
  • Max Players: 16
  • Tickrate: 128
  • Gamemode: Free-For-All Deathmatch
  • Maptime: 20 minutes
  • Nextmap: Decided by end of match vote
  • Instant Respawn
  • All weapons available for both sides
  • Maps:
    • Mirage
    • Train
    • Dust2
    • Inferno
    • Cache
    • Season
    • Santorini
    • Cobblestone
    • Overpass
    • Facade
    • Workout
  • Warmup: 20 seconds, random weapons or gamemode. Normal DM starts immediately after for remainder of the map.
  • Steam Workshop Collection of maps actively used on the server.

Hope you all enjoy this. Feedback can be given on the Counter-Strike section of the forum. Have Fun!

The 1.9 Update to the server and some website updates for you all to mull over.

By: ToxicAirEvent on March 25th, 2016

As many of you have already seen the server has been updated to version 1.9 of minecraft and we started a new world. Those of you who bothered to save your schematics of builds in the old world can find them here.



Also since this was the combat update we’ve re-enabled PVP on the server. The rules and info page has been updated to reflect this as well as a few other small policy changes regarding land protection and how some existing rules will be enforced. I highly recommend you all read them.

Some other page updates you might want to check out is we added a Commands Page which list off all the commands that users have access to in the server. Ideally this will eliminate some confusion as to what all user, as well as donors have access to, and just serve as a good reference in the event you forget something. I mean it’s my own server and sometimes I forget exactly how to do some things between all the various plugins we have.

The commands page will be updated over time as we change plugins or if we realize we missed something that should be listed.

We also updated the Mumble and Discord page to consolidate the information into one page instead of being split across two pages. The old two pages still exist for legacy reasons to make the information easy to fine. The link the the Mumble and Discord page can now be accessed via the voice tab on the navigation bar of all pages.

Additionally we updated our Minecraft Server Voting Page with a more up to date list of sites we have votifier rewards enabled for. Also wrote a better paragraph explaining why voting helps the server grow and keep going. As always each vote you cast will earn you a reward. Currently every vote cast earns you 1 diamond. Which is nothing new since I’m pretty sure that has been the voting reward for over a year now.

Finally the Bans Information page has gotten a slight face lift. We’ve never intended for it to be anything super fancy but some of the formatting has been updated, an option to appeal bans on the forum has been added, and the navigation links have been brought up to date. If you didn’t already notice a link to the bans page has been added to the navigation bar at the top of the page as well.



We’ve got ourselves a fancy schmancy new forum everyone can use. So far I’m the only person posting there and I’ve set up a few introductory topics for everyone to discuss on a few things I’d like player feedback on for the server. The forum is also home to the ban appeals section and if you want a name prefix for free take part in our little contest we’re running. Hope to have some good discussions with you all on there.


We’ve revamped the donations page as well as all the rewards you receive for donating various amounts of money. All donations are now good for 3 months instead of 2 months. The 3 pricing tiers we have did not change. So more bang for you buck I guess.

Donations and your upgrade are still handled by BuyCraft so you can check them out and browse what you want via our buycraft store directly or select you ideal package and then purchase via our donations page.


Finally the topic of discussion you’ve probably skimmed past everything else I did and worked on to see. What did we change about the server with the 1.9 update. Well here ya go. I’ll just make some bullet points so it is easy to digest.

  • uHome cooldown and warmup times have been increased by a few second each.
  • /tpa now has a 10 minute cooldown between uses.
  • Fixed and added FirstJoinPlus back.
  • OnTime, KnapSacks, EnderSpawn, Echopet plugins have all been removed.
  • Stats page is disabled until the plugin compatibility with 1.9 has been fixed.
  • Added a better /warp plugin so that you can easily get to spawn or community hubs we create in the future.
  • Update most of the other plugins to their 1.9 compatible versions as needed.
  • Changed some of the scoreboard, join, leave, and various other messages in the game.
  • Added the /ping command so you can see if you’re lagging. Low the number the better people.
  • We added a better auto message chat announcer to the server.
  • Fixed up the voting rewards and voting sites list accessible via the /vote command.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for playing everyone. Collectively we are The Cool Table and everyone playing and helping to keep the server alive deserves a pat on the back. You are all awesome!

Minecraft Server Has Moved

By: ToxicAirEvent on February 1st, 2016

This post I’m going to say up front is probably about 2 and a half week overdue. This was all handled a while back but has never been covered and basically done for a while. Life got in the way and made this take some extra time. Anyway here we are…

For the last year, maybe closer to a year and a half The Cool Table minecraft server was running on a droplet at Digital Ocean. It was great because it was a decent server that some of the admins behind The Cool Table could get discounts or free time on seeing as we were Students. However overtime the quality of performance went down. I don’t know if this was Digital Ocean, the fact that Minecraft through some iterations of Spigot became more demanding, or a little of both.


We finally decided it was time to move on from Digital Ocean and are now at our new host on a dedicated box. The server is still located in New York and you as players shouldn’t notice many if any changes. If anything you’ll just notice some better performance because the server now has two faster cores and an additional 2gb of RAM.

We’ve also made some plugin changes that should stabilize the server better since the transitiona and finding plugins that work well or are designed specifically to interface with Spigot and not bucket proved difficult for a time since Bukkit some unexpectedly died. Most of it was compatible or has since been made compatible since the Bukkit development was killed by a DCMA and moved exclusively to Spigot.

When it comes to these optimizations I’ll just make this small list below. Also as always the server can be connected to and played on via minecraft.cooltable.org as its address. Full rules can also be found under the minecraft tab.


  • New server with 4 and a half gb of RAM instead of the previous 2gb. 2 cores as always but now faster and I’m pretty sure a more modern version.
  • Vanish plugin for staff members to observe or fake quit and join was switched from VanishNoPacket to SuperVanish.
  • The auto restart plugin is now JenoRestart and reboots are every 12 hours right now. Might be adjusted to 8 hours.
  • Changed and reduced the number of chat advertisements seen on the server.
  • Added a Discord Server for The Cool Table. You can use that to chat if you like and is also the quickest way to get an admin online or alert them to issues if none are online.
  • Added protocol lib plugin to handle its optimizations and certain customization’s to the server better.
  • THANKS TO A LOT TO yrthilian for handling most of these optimizations. At least the ingame and plugin related ones.


By: ToxicAirEvent on August 12th, 2015

Land Protection

I’ve made some changes to the server recently and we’ve had a small issue with land protection plugins. Our server host Digital Ocean had an error in something involving various aspects of the server at around the same time Haaammit and I were trying to pin down a different issue with some server restarts. This resulted in a loss of all the land protection data meaning you all are going to have to reclaim your builds and protect them. In the wake of all these issues they did give us 4 free weeks of hosting which is pretty cool of them. Props to Digital Ocean.

I set all users to have the ability to claim 2000 blocks if they had less than 2000 blocks currently. If you need more blocks to reprotect some land just ask any of the admins who are online to run the Adjust Claim Blocks Command for you. Doing so will increase the area/number of blocks you are allowed to claim for yourself.

You have two weeks to reclaim your stuff. It is up for grabs after that. If you do not login for two weeks the plugin automatically dumps your claimed land as is. We figure two weeks to reclaim it is the fairest amount of time as it is inline with the usual standard.


We added pets. People who donate $5 can set any pet they want and name it. People who donate $10 can ride or use their pet as a hat. We’re using this EchoPet plugin. So familiarize yourself with those commands.


  • OnTime messages have been changed up a bit to reflect the most recent PSA.
  • The AutoAnnouncer has had its messages changed up a bit.
  • AutoAnnouncer will not display a message every 3 minutes instead of 5.

Other Stuff

  • There was something weird going on with OnTime in which the new user reward of chain mail iron leggings would just be handed out over and over again at random ass times during the week. So we removed that reward. Simple fix and no one gave a shit about it anyway.
  • Deleted the Nether and The End warps from EasyWarps. Just warp to spawn and take the portal.
  • SmileyChat permissions were updated. All users can now use smileys and custom smileys in chat. Donors can print them onto signs as well and also use ascii art. Tier 10 Donors can put any symbol on anything that accepts text in the game.

Pets, backpacks, and new mods oh my…

By: ToxicAirEvent on August 11th, 2015

If you didn’t already click on it for whatever reason the above video is The Cool Table Minecraft PSA #3. We cover some new features you can enjoy on the server for donors such as pets and knapsacks. I also address that we’ve had lacking input and involvement from the staff as of late. This is fairly typical of the summer months. In the dead of summer lots of active players and lots of active staff. End of summer people take vacations, go school shopping and wrap up any summer work they have. As a result less people play around on the server.

In order to fill that void we’re starting a new initiative to find moderators for the server.

Head over to the forum and tell us why you think you’d make a good moderator including all of the criteria listed below.

  • IGN:
  • Age:
  • Location: Just saying like your country is fine.
  • Have you ever been banner or involved in a major dispute on the server? If so how was this resolved.
  • What would you do to improve the server?
  • Tell me a joke:
  • Why do you think you’d be a good moderator on the server?
  • List an emoji we should add to the custom emoji chat list?

The New CoolTable.org

By: ToxicAirEvent on August 11th, 2015

A lot of you have been complaining about various issues with the server lately. More simply a lot of you just want to know what the hell is going on with regard to your land protection plugin, why is there no staff around lately, and all that jazz. Well hopefully this new website will let us communicate all that a lot easier. With the added support of WordPress I can write this here blog to quickly and easily brief everyone on what the hell is going on with the server and why we do things the way we do.

It is getting a bit late here my time so I’m not going to cover it all right now but everyone should expect a new PSA tomorrow outlining recent changes and issues with the server, how we’re going to fix them, and how we’re going to find our new admins.

As always if you want to talk outside of the server head over to the Community Boards and make a post.

I’m still working on porting over all the old info from the old website. If you still need to access it I archived it for the time being.