By: ToxicAirEvent on August 12th, 2015

Land Protection

I’ve made some changes to the server recently and we’ve had a small issue with land protection plugins. Our server host Digital Ocean┬áhad an error in something involving various aspects of the server at around the same time Haaammit and I were trying to pin down a different issue with some server restarts. This resulted in a loss of all the land protection data meaning you all are going to have to reclaim your builds and protect them. In the wake of all these issues they did give us 4 free weeks of hosting which is pretty cool of them. Props to Digital Ocean.

I set all users to have the ability to claim 2000 blocks if they had less than 2000 blocks currently. If you need more blocks to reprotect some land just ask any of the admins who are online to run the Adjust Claim Blocks Command for you. Doing so will increase the area/number of blocks you are allowed to claim for yourself.

You have two weeks to reclaim your stuff. It is up for grabs after that. If you do not login for two weeks the plugin automatically dumps your claimed land as is. We figure two weeks to reclaim it is the fairest amount of time as it is inline with the usual standard.


We added pets. People who donate $5 can set any pet they want and name it. People who donate $10 can ride or use their pet as a hat. We’re using this EchoPet plugin. So familiarize yourself with those commands.


  • OnTime messages have been changed up a bit to reflect the most recent PSA.
  • The AutoAnnouncer has had its messages changed up a bit.
  • AutoAnnouncer will not display a message every 3 minutes instead of 5.

Other Stuff

  • There was something weird going on with OnTime in which the new user reward of chain mail iron leggings would just be handed out over and over again at random ass times during the week. So we removed that reward. Simple fix and no one gave a shit about it anyway.
  • Deleted the Nether and The End warps from EasyWarps. Just warp to spawn and take the portal.
  • SmileyChat permissions were updated. All users can now use smileys and custom smileys in chat. Donors can print them onto signs as well and also use ascii art. Tier 10 Donors can put any symbol on anything that accepts text in the game.