We Feeding The Beast Now!

By: ToxicAirEvent on January 16th, 2017

After many years and many iterations we’re trying something really different with The Cool Table.

We always played on a totally vanilla or close to vanilla version of minecraft. We were dedicated to the core of the game. HOWEVER! Once in a while everyone needs a change. Traffic to the server had slowed down for many reasons. Minecraft for the PC is popular but it is hardly at its height. At least seemingly. Some of us who have been at it since beta or alpha release wanted to crank it up a notch after years of playing the game in a vanilla or close to vanilla state.

As a result we decided to make the jump to Feed The Beast Hermitpack.


The rules and goals of the server are the same as ever. Basically have fun building, and be cool to each other.

If you want to see or review the rules in full take a look at our rules page. The rules page also contains info about how to connect to the server and get Feed The Beast with Hermit Pack on it’s feet.

IP is the same as always. You can connect via minecraft.cooltable.org and the server location is still in New York.

If you need any help joining the server or getting Feed The Beast up and running feel free to drop us a help line in Discord. I (ToxicAirEvent) or Haaammit will be happy to help. So will whoever else happens to be present at the time. Everyone here is pretty cool.

If your wondering what you can do on the server please consult our User Commands List or just simply ask.


On a final note please feel free to provide feedback to us on how to improve the server in Discord or on the community forum. This is our first foray into modded minecraft so there will be some trial and error here I’m almost 100% sure of it.