The Transcontinental Railroad!

By: ToxicAirEvent on July 31st, 2016


In an effort to make The Cool Table more community oriented with a common goal that brings all the members together we’ve decided to set in on some community builds. To encourage people to help with these community builds we’ve developed jobs that will revolve around completion of the goals. Many moons ago we had an idea to build an extensive rail network to link towns and settlements players have on the server. I and some others who have moved on from The Cool Table thought it would be a unique build, an interesting build, a cool way to unite settlements on the server, and a nice way to sightsee the world.

The idea was put on the back burner at one time. Not many were involved in the server, we didn’t really think it through super well in the initial conception. Recently in a forum thread asking what people would like to see out of the server the idea was floated by me again. People seemed to like it so we set in on it. Being someone who generally moves kind of slow it took time to fully bring to fruition but we finally did it. As of now the economy, jobs, and build are active on the server. So please come join us and help us build the railroad.



In the forum thread that started this all you can find the proposed map for the railroad. We decided to start small and we’re building ONLY THE BLUE LINE FIRST.  It starts at spawn and runs southwest toward Haaammits house where a new settlement will be built. The end goal is for these settlements to act as places to pull players together. You can work various jobs and setup chestshops to trade materials for money earned from your job. Use the money for whatever you like. Be it to help you do your jobs or for your own creative side projects.

The Blue Line Railroad.

The Blue Line Railroad.

To a certain extent we’re roll-playing here. We’re not going all the way back to the 1800’s when the actual first transcontinental railroad was built but the idea is the same. The tracks are an easy way to travel and move material. So people live near them and use them. Role play in that way. Build with the railroad but still use your own creativity to build your own unique structures. Have fun with it!

As for the RED LINE TO THE NORTH we will build it… eventually. We want to knock this out one line at a time and Haaammit and company has already built some unique structures along the way so by default we’re heading that way.


Haaammit being much better at building than I has come up with some proposed styles of track structures you can see above. The Track Layer job has been designed and centered around playing the blocks needed to build these structures on ground. There is a separate job for building the bridges and tunnels. Talk to Haaammit for more info or warp to the example locations to see the templates for these structures, or just use these photos as the template to help you complete your work.

Additionally in order to help give a sense of direction where to build you can follow the markers I placed down which show where the railroad should run. We don’t want it to be too twisty turny or have too many random inclines to do your best to clear land to make the track fit through the world. Some inclines are too be expected however so don’t shy away from them. Look to ToxicAirEvent, or Haaammit for input. We’ll also be looking to add more admins, moderators, or just chiefs of staff over time to assist as leaders to the builds.

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As aforemention we now have jobs and an economy, as well as chest shops.

The following commands will be useful to all players.

  • /jobs browse – see all the jobs on the server and what you do if you take that job.
  • /jobs join <jobName> – Join a job of your choice.
  • /jobs leave <jobName> – Leave a job you’re already working.
  • /money – See how much money you have.
  • /money pay [name] [amount] – Send money to others
  • /BuyClaimBlocks – Buy extra claim blocks to protect your land.
  • /SellClaimBlocks – Sell excess claim blocks for some extra cash.

ChestShops can be setup using signs with the following format:


Make sure you’ve got the correct item name or ID.

The plugins we are using to accomplish these features are: ChestShop for iConomy Recreation, iConomy Recreation, and Jobs for iConomy Recreation. So if you want any more info on them or how to use them that we have not listed yet check out their plugin pages. For commands most useful to you based on how our server is configured check out our Player Commands Page!


Each player can work up to 2 jobs at one time. Different jobs have different max levels. The more you work a job the move money you will be paid per action done from the base pay. (Ex. Base pay for placing X block is $1. If you place enough blocks to reach level 2 in the job you’re pay will be increased to $1.25 for each block placed) The levels scale different from job to job. Some will pay more up front but increase in pay less over time. Others will pay less up front, but more as you level them.

Additionally leaving a job comes with a penalty. You lose 55% of your rank when leaving a job. So if you are a level 100 builder and leave that job for another one 55% of your level is lost. Meaning if you ever come back to the builder job you’ll be reset to level 45. This is to prevent job jumping constantly to game the system to whatever your most lucrative current activity is.

Jobs also generate experience which is credited towards your actual in game experience in minecraft that you can use to enchant items or do whatever else you wish with.

All money in your account accrues interest of 2% once per day.


It now cost $33 to warp to any of your homes in game. We’ve always wanted to keep movement within the world a bit more vanilla with things like cooldown, warmups, and basically not just have people zipping all over the place. As a result we’re now imposing an economic penalty to warp home or to anyone’s home for that matter if you’re invited to use another players. For now that is all that will cost money when it comes to warping. We may adjust this later as we figure out exactly where we want the economy and jobs to fit into the play style of everyone on the server.


Thanks for sitting at The Cool Table with us everyone! I know this is a long post but I think it pretty much covers all the changes we’ve recently decided to make. As with anything else there will be some screw ups, some growing pains, and glitches. If you encounter any or find something we missed mentioning here on the blog please bring it to our attention. The idea is that this website functions as a wiki to archive all the various information and goings ons of the server. Hit us up on the forum or bring it to our attention in Discord. In game works as well too but the limited character space to talk in chat makes it the most difficult.

Much love and lets have fun going forward!

PS: Dynamp! A lot of you have asked for it with this new project going forward since it would make tracking the progress of everything much easier. Well have no fear it isn’t quite here! It will be soon. The server minecraft is located on has limited space as it is an SSD to allow quicker loading of the world in game. Dynmap takes A LOT OF SPACE so it needs to be configured in a way that requires us to jump through some hoops to save its data to another but much larger harddrive. it will work, it is just a slow process getting it to work. So be on the lookout for the dynmap in the coming 7-10 days. We have been working on it.