New maps on the PUG server:

By: ToxicAirEvent on July 19th, 2016


Our 5v5 PUG Mod server has been updated to include 7 new community maps.

  • de_fortress
  • Heat2
  • Legacy
  • Austria
  • Shipped
  • Waterfall
  • Decay

All the maps can be subscribed to via the Steam Workshop Collection.

The server IP has not changed either it is: or you can simply click CONNECT to join.

We’re continuing use of PUG Setup by SpLewis to manage games. Simply type .setup in chat to get a game started. By typing setup you can also issue the command to change the map if you like and are just joining on your own to wander and checkout the maps.

If you have any troubles simply type /call in chat on the server to alert an admin. We’ll try to get to you as soon as possible.