THE PURGE: Minecraft Server Donor and Admin permissions list edition.

By: ToxicAirEvent on April 24th, 2016

Users removed from permissions list for donations or admins are as follows:

  • megastoejoe – Restored to normal user.
  • otentacles
  • Tacitus_Animus – Overlord demoted to Marshal rank.
  • filletsack
  • Private_PenQuin – Returned to normal user.
  • Kyle_ETP – Now a normal user. Gets to keep is name prefix out of legacy.
  • guy151
  • BFKelleher – Returned to normal user status. Gets to keep name prefix and suffix for legacy reasons.
  • MajorBaylor
  • connortri
  • orgy_porgy
  • iBlameNinjas
  • mauzgrau – Restored to normal user. Name prefix kept out of legacy.
  • otterbot69
  • Tristanator01
  • Hayyya
  • NickWasHere09 – Restored to normal user.
  • Rolandminer
  • kaicook
  • Nooie
  • Dyldog18
  • Rolandminer
  • RegularCandy
  • UncommonCandy
  • That_One_Goat
  • Mistti
  • CoolCreeper16
  • Oldballs
  • Feone
  • Thebestofan
  • SnowBijou
  • Dyldog18
  • LeftyisWestoid


We removed a lot of these users from our permissionex file (which mangers user permissions, prefixes, and suffixes) due to inactivity on the server. We believe if you are going to be of any staff rank on the server you should at least be somewhat active on the server. We understand lives get in the way resulting in users taking time away from the server. Many of these users who have been removed had not logged in for over 6 months. Which we feel is too long.

The other users removed still had name prefixes or permissions from donations and had overstayed their welcome. We have not always used BuyCraft to manage donation rewards and their lengths of time. For that reason some users had slipped through the cracks and were able to keep their donation rewards for longer than they should. Many of these users had been inactive for extremely long periods of time so they won’t even know or notice.

If you were removed and feel it was a mistake make a post on the forum (preferred method) explaining why you should be reinstated. Please direct those post to the Minecraft Ban Appeal category. If you don’t want to make a forum post you can alternatively contact us through the #minecraft text channel in Discord.

Do not contact us in game about it or via private messages. We as admins are trying to make our decision making and rule enforcement more transparent to everyone sitting at The Cool Table in order to make the server administration more understood to everyone at The Cool Table. We are doing this in the interest of fairness and to facilitate discussion for how rules will be handled, enforced, and modified going forward.