We’ve changed the rules on the Minecraft server

By: ToxicAirEvent on April 5th, 2016


Over the last year or so and a few revisions to the play style of The Cool Table we as the teachers have imposed some new rules upon you as our pupils.

We’ve always been very good at keeping the rules section of the minecraft information page up to date. That doesn’t always mean that we’ve had the most clear or concise revisions to the rules, just that they were simply listed. So tonight I’m unveiling some updates and changes that we’ve discussed over the past few weeks after some thinking and various incidents. Hopefully they are a throughout explanation of what you can and cannot do on the server, what we will and won’t fix, and what you can or cannot say.

Check out the rules section if you want to see it in context of all the other information for The Cool Table.

Otherwise just read them here and now.


  • DON’T BE A DICK! It is our golden rule of sorts.
    • This means to not disparage any person or group for any reasons. This includes negative comments about their sexuality, race, religion, or culture. This is an automatic ban of AT LEAST 30 minutes.
  • Griefing structure’s not allowed.*
  • Stealing items from containers within someones structure is permitted.**
  • Evading bans via name change will result in a UUID ban permanently.
  • Starting forest fires or just destroying nature for no practical purpose is not allowed.
  • Hacks? NO!.. You can’t use those.
  • No advertising for your server. We are not a billboard for other servers.
  • If you are being a general disturbance or annoyance on the server for a reason not listed here the admins have the right to ban you.

Please use Griefpreventionton tools (Golden Shovel to click the corners of your claim) to claim your builds, items, or anything else you possess in game. Please be aware that after 28 days of inactivity on the server (meaning you go 28 days consecutively without logging in) your claims will be forfeited back to the unclaimed land pool.

Unclaimed builds from either the 28 day expiration or your failure to do in the first place can be claimed by any other player. The admins will not restore your claims if they are claimed by another player. If you claim someone else’s build feel free to demolish it, remodel, basically do as you please. Just do not grief your new claim by leaving a half destroyed buildings and floating blocks all over the place.

*Griefing structures is not allowed and will result in a ban to users caught doing so. However failure to protect your structures using GriefPrevention can result in the admins not restoring your builds.

**Items removed by other players you trusted to use your claims will not be restored. Consult the commands page for how to trust or untrust users.

Final note about rules you can check bans and if they expire on our MCBans page. If you are banned for whatever reason feel free to click the appeal link in the MCBans page or just head over to the Ban Appeal section of the forum.

If you do or don’t like anything about these rules please feel free to make a forum thread about the changes or hit up the admins in Discord. We are happy to offer clarification of rules in game but will not discuss changing them or in depth reasoning there. In game is too hard and too limited in its chat to explain the larger reasoning and implications of these changes.