The Upgrade to Minecraft Version 1.9 Will Be Thursday at 11pm.

By: ToxicAirEvent on March 9th, 2016

The Spigot Devs have finally got a stable build of Minecraft 1.9 up and running which will allow us to upgrade the server to version 1.9.


I’ve spent a few hours over the last two days making sure all our plugins work and in the event they don’t work we’ve dropped and replaced them for ones that do work. Minus a few exceptions in which no alternative could be found or we’ve deemed them no longer useful to the server for one reason or another. Those plugins are:

  • Knapsacks – Rarely used, not 1.9 compatible with lacking alternatives serving the same scope of interest.
  • EchoPets – Pets were also rarely used for those who could use them. A good alternative plugin is also yet to surface.
  • EnderSpawn – With the changes to how the Ender dragon is handled in Minecraft 1.9 a plugin to respawn the Ender Dragon every so often is no longer needed.
  • FirstJoinPlus – Never really worked as we wanted it to. Alternative or new plugin to handle this support may be added soon.
  • OnTime – Database and logging abilities have been broken for quite some time and often times did not save correctly.


The current world has existed for over 1 year and even knowing The Cool Table isn’t the most active server players over that amount of time can generate some impressive amount of data. Especially in something like minecraft. The overworld itself almost tops 14gb of data with The End and Nether totally up for another just over 2gb of data. Even when compressed the file for the entire world is absolutely massive. So here is your warning. You have roughly the next 24 hours to save what you can to the server.

We’ve given all users access to the //schematic command* which will allow them to save a schematic of any space on the map they’d like to retain for their personal use. We will save and upload all the schematics to our web server before the map is deleted. You can download and do as you wish with them from there.

*NOTE: In order to make sure you encapsulate your entire build into a selected area make sure you are familiar with the WorldEdit Selection Tools.

We’re sorry and realize this is not an ideal situation but it is all we really can feasibly do.

Please also note that the max number of blocks that can be saved to a schematic is 75,000. Any errors that occur in this we are not responsible for and we apologize.

If you have any questions or are encountering any issues with saving your land please either ask an admin on the server for help or join our discord server and send a message to either @toxicairevent or @haaammit (Trisha) and we’ll be happy to help you out.


Once the new world is up tomorrow we have some other nice new features to this website and the server that we hope you’ll like. I’ll be making another blog post about them at that time explaining all of them. Hopefully it well help everyone both new and old enjoy the server a bit more.

-Thanks everyone.