Mumble & Discord

Join Mumble

Mumble is a voice client much like teamspeak but lower system overhead and equally low bandwidth usage. We have one active for The Cool Table you are more than welcome to join.

You can download mumble from their official website or you can view their github repository for more info. There is also a download for the latest client buried somewhere on their githib repository.

To connect to The Cool Table mumble server there are a few easy steps:

  • Click this link or copy and paste mumble:// into your browser address bar to be automatically connected.

  • Password: nicememe

  • Server Address:

  • Port: 64738

  • Version: Version compatibility isn’t a huge deal between versions of mumble. As long as you are at 1.2.8 or higher you should be good to go. Latest stable version is the best bet naturally.

  • If you cannot connect via the above information contact a server admin and they will get you connected.

Join Discord

To connect to the Discord server, click the ‘Connect’ button above. You can use Discord on your browser or download the app to your pc/phone etc.
The Mumble is primarily used by people wanting to play CSGO or voice chat casually outside of the game. It is a great alternative to skype and allows you to connect with more users.

Discord is much more casual and allows for both in-depth voice and text chat. It is a more passive or deeply engaged system. You can use it however you like. It is also the easiest way to get a hold of the server admins. Just throw a @toxicairevent or @haaammit (Trisha) into the #minecraft text channel and we will be notified.

Last updated by: ToxicAirEvent on September 29th, 2015