Donations help keep The Cool Table going and we thank everyone who helps us out. In exchange for those who help keep the server going we offer some incentives for donating various amount of money. It is our thank you to you for supporting the server.

All donations can be made via our page which will automatically credit you all of your donor perks within 10 minutes or less of your donation.


The $2 Name Tag:

Get a name prefix of your choice. Use the Minecraft formatting codes to style your username.

Name tags are good for 3 months.



The $5 Donor:

  • All the $2 donor rewards
  • 5 homes and 7 invites. Normal users are limited to 3 homes and 3 invites.
  • uHome cooldown bypass
  • Bypass Grief Prevention lava, water and lava placement restrictions
  • Bypass chat rate limit/spam protection of Grief Prevention
  • Bypass cooldown time for /tpa command
  • automatically replant saplings after cutting down trees
  • Use SmileyChat smiley faces in books
  • Bypass MaxBans lock downs during server maintenance or other lockdown times
  • 10,000 Claim Blocks to protect your land with Grief Prevention

$5 donations are good for 3 months.

The $10 Donor:

  • All of the $2 and $5 donor rewards
  • 12 homes and 16 invites
  • uHome warmup bypass
  • WorldEdit compass abilities for jump to and jump thru
  • Use SmileyChat smiley faces on signs
  • Ability to use color codes in chat.
  • 15,000 Claim Blocks to protect your land with Grief Prevention

$10 donation are good for 3 months.




Last updated by: ToxicAirEvent on August 11th, 2015