New maps on the PUG server:

By: ToxicAirEvent on July 19th, 2016


Our 5v5 PUG Mod server has been updated to include 7 new community maps.

  • de_fortress
  • Heat2
  • Legacy
  • Austria
  • Shipped
  • Waterfall
  • Decay

All the maps can be subscribed to via the Steam Workshop Collection.

The server IP has not changed either it is: or you can simply click CONNECT to join.

We’re continuing use of PUG Setup by SpLewis to manage games. Simply type .setup in chat to get a game started. By typing setup you can also issue the command to change the map if you like and are just joining on your own to wander and checkout the maps.

If you have any troubles simply type /call in chat on the server to alert an admin. We’ll try to get to you as soon as possible.

THE PURGE: Minecraft Server Donor and Admin permissions list edition.

By: ToxicAirEvent on April 24th, 2016

Users removed from permissions list for donations or admins are as follows:

  • megastoejoe – Restored to normal user.
  • otentacles
  • Tacitus_Animus – Overlord demoted to Marshal rank.
  • filletsack
  • Private_PenQuin – Returned to normal user.
  • Kyle_ETP – Now a normal user. Gets to keep is name prefix out of legacy.
  • guy151
  • BFKelleher – Returned to normal user status. Gets to keep name prefix and suffix for legacy reasons.
  • MajorBaylor
  • connortri
  • orgy_porgy
  • iBlameNinjas
  • mauzgrau – Restored to normal user. Name prefix kept out of legacy.
  • otterbot69
  • Tristanator01
  • Hayyya
  • NickWasHere09 – Restored to normal user.
  • Rolandminer
  • kaicook
  • Nooie
  • Dyldog18
  • Rolandminer
  • RegularCandy
  • UncommonCandy
  • That_One_Goat
  • Mistti
  • CoolCreeper16
  • Oldballs
  • Feone
  • Thebestofan
  • SnowBijou
  • Dyldog18
  • LeftyisWestoid


We removed a lot of these users from our permissionex file (which mangers user permissions, prefixes, and suffixes) due to inactivity on the server. We believe if you are going to be of any staff rank on the server you should at least be somewhat active on the server. We understand lives get in the way resulting in users taking time away from the server. Many of these users who have been removed had not logged in for over 6 months. Which we feel is too long.

The other users removed still had name prefixes or permissions from donations and had overstayed their welcome. We have not always used BuyCraft to manage donation rewards and their lengths of time. For that reason some users had slipped through the cracks and were able to keep their donation rewards for longer than they should. Many of these users had been inactive for extremely long periods of time so they won’t even know or notice.

If you were removed and feel it was a mistake make a post on the forum (preferred method) explaining why you should be reinstated. Please direct those post to the Minecraft Ban Appeal category. If you don’t want to make a forum post you can alternatively contact us through the #minecraft text channel in Discord.

Do not contact us in game about it or via private messages. We as admins are trying to make our decision making and rule enforcement more transparent to everyone sitting at The Cool Table in order to make the server administration more understood to everyone at The Cool Table. We are doing this in the interest of fairness and to facilitate discussion for how rules will be handled, enforced, and modified going forward.

16 person Free-For-All Deathmatch is now active.

By: ToxicAirEvent on April 6th, 2016

Hello boys and girls. I’m excited to announce that we now have a 16 person free for all Deathmatch server for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It is located in New York, is 128 tick, 16 players, Free-For-All, and uses all the active duty maps plus some community favorites from past operations.

The IP is: ENJOY!

Full Info:

  • IP:
  • Location: New York, USA – US EAST
  • Max Players: 16
  • Tickrate: 128
  • Gamemode: Free-For-All Deathmatch
  • Maptime: 20 minutes
  • Nextmap: Decided by end of match vote
  • Instant Respawn
  • All weapons available for both sides
  • Maps:
    • Mirage
    • Train
    • Dust2
    • Inferno
    • Cache
    • Season
    • Santorini
    • Cobblestone
    • Overpass
    • Facade
    • Workout
  • Warmup: 20 seconds, random weapons or gamemode. Normal DM starts immediately after for remainder of the map.
  • Steam Workshop Collection of maps actively used on the server.

Hope you all enjoy this. Feedback can be given on the Counter-Strike section of the forum. Have Fun!

We’ve changed the rules on the Minecraft server

By: ToxicAirEvent on April 5th, 2016


Over the last year or so and a few revisions to the play style of The Cool Table we as the teachers have imposed some new rules upon you as our pupils.

We’ve always been very good at keeping the rules section of the minecraft information page up to date. That doesn’t always mean that we’ve had the most clear or concise revisions to the rules, just that they were simply listed. So tonight I’m unveiling some updates and changes that we’ve discussed over the past few weeks after some thinking and various incidents. Hopefully they are a throughout explanation of what you can and cannot do on the server, what we will and won’t fix, and what you can or cannot say.

Check out the rules section if you want to see it in context of all the other information for The Cool Table.

Otherwise just read them here and now.


  • DON’T BE A DICK! It is our golden rule of sorts.
    • This means to not disparage any person or group for any reasons. This includes negative comments about their sexuality, race, religion, or culture. This is an automatic ban of AT LEAST 30 minutes.
  • Griefing structure’s not allowed.*
  • Stealing items from containers within someones structure is permitted.**
  • Evading bans via name change will result in a UUID ban permanently.
  • Starting forest fires or just destroying nature for no practical purpose is not allowed.
  • Hacks? NO!.. You can’t use those.
  • No advertising for your server. We are not a billboard for other servers.
  • If you are being a general disturbance or annoyance on the server for a reason not listed here the admins have the right to ban you.

Please use Griefpreventionton tools (Golden Shovel to click the corners of your claim) to claim your builds, items, or anything else you possess in game. Please be aware that after 28 days of inactivity on the server (meaning you go 28 days consecutively without logging in) your claims will be forfeited back to the unclaimed land pool.

Unclaimed builds from either the 28 day expiration or your failure to do in the first place can be claimed by any other player. The admins will not restore your claims if they are claimed by another player. If you claim someone else’s build feel free to demolish it, remodel, basically do as you please. Just do not grief your new claim by leaving a half destroyed buildings and floating blocks all over the place.

*Griefing structures is not allowed and will result in a ban to users caught doing so. However failure to protect your structures using GriefPrevention can result in the admins not restoring your builds.

**Items removed by other players you trusted to use your claims will not be restored. Consult the commands page for how to trust or untrust users.

Final note about rules you can check bans and if they expire on our MCBans page. If you are banned for whatever reason feel free to click the appeal link in the MCBans page or just head over to the Ban Appeal section of the forum.

If you do or don’t like anything about these rules please feel free to make a forum thread about the changes or hit up the admins in Discord. We are happy to offer clarification of rules in game but will not discuss changing them or in depth reasoning there. In game is too hard and too limited in its chat to explain the larger reasoning and implications of these changes.

The 1.9 Update to the server and some website updates for you all to mull over.

By: ToxicAirEvent on March 25th, 2016

As many of you have already seen the server has been updated to version 1.9 of minecraft and we started a new world. Those of you who bothered to save your schematics of builds in the old world can find them here.



Also since this was the combat update we’ve re-enabled PVP on the server. The rules and info page has been updated to reflect this as well as a few other small policy changes regarding land protection and how some existing rules will be enforced. I highly recommend you all read them.

Some other page updates you might want to check out is we added a Commands Page which list off all the commands that users have access to in the server. Ideally this will eliminate some confusion as to what all user, as well as donors have access to, and just serve as a good reference in the event you forget something. I mean it’s my own server and sometimes I forget exactly how to do some things between all the various plugins we have.

The commands page will be updated over time as we change plugins or if we realize we missed something that should be listed.

We also updated the Mumble and Discord page to consolidate the information into one page instead of being split across two pages. The old two pages still exist for legacy reasons to make the information easy to fine. The link the the Mumble and Discord page can now be accessed via the voice tab on the navigation bar of all pages.

Additionally we updated our Minecraft Server Voting Page with a more up to date list of sites we have votifier rewards enabled for. Also wrote a better paragraph explaining why voting helps the server grow and keep going. As always each vote you cast will earn you a reward. Currently every vote cast earns you 1 diamond. Which is nothing new since I’m pretty sure that has been the voting reward for over a year now.

Finally the Bans Information page has gotten a slight face lift. We’ve never intended for it to be anything super fancy but some of the formatting has been updated, an option to appeal bans on the forum has been added, and the navigation links have been brought up to date. If you didn’t already notice a link to the bans page has been added to the navigation bar at the top of the page as well.



We’ve got ourselves a fancy schmancy new forum everyone can use. So far I’m the only person posting there and I’ve set up a few introductory topics for everyone to discuss on a few things I’d like player feedback on for the server. The forum is also home to the ban appeals section and if you want a name prefix for free take part in our little contest we’re running. Hope to have some good discussions with you all on there.


We’ve revamped the donations page as well as all the rewards you receive for donating various amounts of money. All donations are now good for 3 months instead of 2 months. The 3 pricing tiers we have did not change. So more bang for you buck I guess.

Donations and your upgrade are still handled by BuyCraft so you can check them out and browse what you want via our buycraft store directly or select you ideal package and then purchase via our donations page.


Finally the topic of discussion you’ve probably skimmed past everything else I did and worked on to see. What did we change about the server with the 1.9 update. Well here ya go. I’ll just make some bullet points so it is easy to digest.

  • uHome cooldown and warmup times have been increased by a few second each.
  • /tpa now has a 10 minute cooldown between uses.
  • Fixed and added FirstJoinPlus back.
  • OnTime, KnapSacks, EnderSpawn, Echopet plugins have all been removed.
  • Stats page is disabled until the plugin compatibility with 1.9 has been fixed.
  • Added a better /warp plugin so that you can easily get to spawn or community hubs we create in the future.
  • Update most of the other plugins to their 1.9 compatible versions as needed.
  • Changed some of the scoreboard, join, leave, and various other messages in the game.
  • Added the /ping command so you can see if you’re lagging. Low the number the better people.
  • We added a better auto message chat announcer to the server.
  • Fixed up the voting rewards and voting sites list accessible via the /vote command.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for playing everyone. Collectively we are The Cool Table and everyone playing and helping to keep the server alive deserves a pat on the back. You are all awesome!

The Upgrade to Minecraft Version 1.9 Will Be Thursday at 11pm.

By: ToxicAirEvent on March 9th, 2016

The Spigot Devs have finally got a stable build of Minecraft 1.9 up and running which will allow us to upgrade the server to version 1.9.


I’ve spent a few hours over the last two days making sure all our plugins work and in the event they don’t work we’ve dropped and replaced them for ones that do work. Minus a few exceptions in which no alternative could be found or we’ve deemed them no longer useful to the server for one reason or another. Those plugins are:

  • Knapsacks – Rarely used, not 1.9 compatible with lacking alternatives serving the same scope of interest.
  • EchoPets – Pets were also rarely used for those who could use them. A good alternative plugin is also yet to surface.
  • EnderSpawn – With the changes to how the Ender dragon is handled in Minecraft 1.9 a plugin to respawn the Ender Dragon every so often is no longer needed.
  • FirstJoinPlus – Never really worked as we wanted it to. Alternative or new plugin to handle this support may be added soon.
  • OnTime – Database and logging abilities have been broken for quite some time and often times did not save correctly.


The current world has existed for over 1 year and even knowing The Cool Table isn’t the most active server players over that amount of time can generate some impressive amount of data. Especially in something like minecraft. The overworld itself almost tops 14gb of data with The End and Nether totally up for another just over 2gb of data. Even when compressed the file for the entire world is absolutely massive. So here is your warning. You have roughly the next 24 hours to save what you can to the server.

We’ve given all users access to the //schematic command* which will allow them to save a schematic of any space on the map they’d like to retain for their personal use. We will save and upload all the schematics to our web server before the map is deleted. You can download and do as you wish with them from there.

*NOTE: In order to make sure you encapsulate your entire build into a selected area make sure you are familiar with the WorldEdit Selection Tools.

We’re sorry and realize this is not an ideal situation but it is all we really can feasibly do.

Please also note that the max number of blocks that can be saved to a schematic is 75,000. Any errors that occur in this we are not responsible for and we apologize.

If you have any questions or are encountering any issues with saving your land please either ask an admin on the server for help or join our discord server and send a message to either @toxicairevent or @haaammit (Trisha) and we’ll be happy to help you out.


Once the new world is up tomorrow we have some other nice new features to this website and the server that we hope you’ll like. I’ll be making another blog post about them at that time explaining all of them. Hopefully it well help everyone both new and old enjoy the server a bit more.

-Thanks everyone.

Are you ready for 1.9? Well so are we. Waiting on you Spigot Devs!

By: ToxicAirEvent on February 29th, 2016

Mojang somewhat unbeknownst to me pushed the Minecraft 1.9 Update yesterday night/early this morning.

We’ve always been fans of keeping plugins light on The Cool Table up to the latest and greatest version of minecraft giving the game the most vanilla feel possible with helpful management and features added via plugins.

The down side to using plugins is you have to use a platform such as Spigot MC to keep things running. Specifically we use Spigot if you’re having trouble catching on here.

The Spigot Devs themselves said they aimed for Monday or Tuesday however with Mojang pushing the release slightly look for it later this week. We’ll also need to do some basic plugin comparability testing once the build is out.

All in all expect it to be a bit before we upgrade The Cool Table to version 1.9. In the meantime the server will continue to run as it always has on its current version (1.8.x).

Thanks for being patient everyone.

Minecraft Server Has Moved

By: ToxicAirEvent on February 1st, 2016

This post I’m going to say up front is probably about 2 and a half week overdue. This was all handled a while back but has never been covered and basically done for a while. Life got in the way and made this take some extra time. Anyway here we are…

For the last year, maybe closer to a year and a half The Cool Table minecraft server was running on a droplet at Digital Ocean. It was great because it was a decent server that some of the admins behind The Cool Table could get discounts or free time on seeing as we were Students. However overtime the quality of performance went down. I don’t know if this was Digital Ocean, the fact that Minecraft through some iterations of Spigot became more demanding, or a little of both.


We finally decided it was time to move on from Digital Ocean and are now at our new host on a dedicated box. The server is still located in New York and you as players shouldn’t notice many if any changes. If anything you’ll just notice some better performance because the server now has two faster cores and an additional 2gb of RAM.

We’ve also made some plugin changes that should stabilize the server better since the transitiona and finding plugins that work well or are designed specifically to interface with Spigot and not bucket proved difficult for a time since Bukkit some unexpectedly died. Most of it was compatible or has since been made compatible since the Bukkit development was killed by a DCMA and moved exclusively to Spigot.

When it comes to these optimizations I’ll just make this small list below. Also as always the server can be connected to and played on via as its address. Full rules can also be found under the minecraft tab.


  • New server with 4 and a half gb of RAM instead of the previous 2gb. 2 cores as always but now faster and I’m pretty sure a more modern version.
  • Vanish plugin for staff members to observe or fake quit and join was switched from VanishNoPacket to SuperVanish.
  • The auto restart plugin is now JenoRestart and reboots are every 12 hours right now. Might be adjusted to 8 hours.
  • Changed and reduced the number of chat advertisements seen on the server.
  • Added a Discord Server for The Cool Table. You can use that to chat if you like and is also the quickest way to get an admin online or alert them to issues if none are online.
  • Added protocol lib plugin to handle its optimizations and certain customization’s to the server better.
  • THANKS TO A LOT TO yrthilian for handling most of these optimizations. At least the ingame and plugin related ones.

10 man server up and running in New York.

By: ToxicAirEvent on January 3rd, 2016


We’re working on starting a solid 10 man practice group for CSGO.

We recently moved our server host to a new company in New York instead of Chicago.

The IP is or just use the Steam Connect Link to get in and start playing. Server uses SPlewis Pug Mod to manage games.

The maps available in the 10 mans are:

  • de_santorini
  • Dust2
  • Inferno
  • Cobblestone
  • Mirage
  • Cache
  • de_crown
  • de_fire
  • de_facade

You can subscribe to all the maps on our server workshop collection.


Ideally we want these 10 man to be serious. Play to win, have a mic, make good callouts, and use some strategy. Don’t just run around haphazardly and try to win purely on aim. We’re mostly looking for players in the Gold Nova Master to Distinguished Master Guardian range but technically anyone is welcome.

You can join the 10 man group on Steam. We’ll post events every night or two trying to get matches going.

For chill times or voice communication check out our mumble server.



DE_SANTORINI has been added to the PUG server

By: ToxicAirEvent on November 2nd, 2015

With it’s release today by FMPONE we’ve decided to add De_Santorini to our PUG Mod servers.

The current full map rotation can be found on our Steam Workshop Page. Please note that Santorini has simply been added to the normal rotation of maps and is not guaranteed to be the map you play. The map that will be played is simply depended on what the 10 players in the server vote for once all players have readied up. With this map being so popular however it is more than likely it is all you’ll be seeing for the next few days.


Additionally please note that the SURF server will be shutdown for the time being. The load of all the players trying to 10man and constant high rate of request to the server makes running the SURF server incredibly difficult at this time since it is a CPU monster above and beyond what these normal 10 man servers require. It caused a lot of lag earlier in the day when all three servers were running.

Also please consider joining our steam group. We’re trying to start having more consistent 10man scrim and PUG nights. The more users we have in our group the easier it is to fill the servers and get more games in without having to wait around. Plus it is easy access to any announcements we make.

On a final note if you’d like to help keep the servers up and running please consider doing so. We’re paying for this out of our own pocket at this point. It isn’t a lot (abut $25 a month) but the more that we don’t have to pay the better because extra money allows us to scale up the hardware on the server we are renting and setup extra servers so people aren’t constantly locked out. Donate more than $2 and we’ll give you a reserve slot.