Minecraft Server Has Moved

By: Jack on February 1st, 2016

This post I’m going to say up front is probably about 2 and a half week overdue. This was all handled a while back but has never been covered and basically done for a while. Life got in the way and made this take some extra time. Anyway here we are…

For the last year, maybe closer to a year and a half The Cool Table minecraft server was running on a droplet at Digital Ocean. It was great because it was a decent server that some of the admins behind The Cool Table could get discounts or free time on seeing as we were Students. However overtime the quality of performance went down. I don’t know if this was Digital Ocean, the fact that Minecraft through some iterations of Spigot became more demanding, or a little of both.


We finally decided it was time to move on from Digital Ocean and are now at our new host on a dedicated box. The server is still located in New York and you as players shouldn’t notice many if any changes. If anything you’ll just notice some better performance because the server now has two faster cores and an additional 2gb of RAM.

We’ve also made some plugin changes that should stabilize the server better since the transitiona and finding plugins that work well or are designed specifically to interface with Spigot and not bucket proved difficult for a time since Bukkit some unexpectedly died. Most of it was compatible or has since been made compatible since the Bukkit development was killed by a DCMA and moved exclusively to Spigot.

When it comes to these optimizations I’ll just make this small list below. Also as always the server can be connected to and played on via minecraft.cooltable.org as its address. Full rules can also be found under the minecraft tab.


  • New server with 4 and a half gb of RAM instead of the previous 2gb. 2 cores as always but now faster and I’m pretty sure a more modern version.
  • Vanish plugin for staff members to observe or fake quit and join was switched from VanishNoPacket to SuperVanish.
  • The auto restart plugin is now JenoRestart and reboots are every 12 hours right now. Might be adjusted to 8 hours.
  • Changed and reduced the number of chat advertisements seen on the server.
  • Added a Discord Server for The Cool Table. You can use that to chat if you like and is also the quickest way to get an admin online or alert them to issues if none are online.
  • Added protocol lib plugin to handle its optimizations and certain customization’s to the server better.
  • THANKS TO A LOT TO yrthilian for handling most of these optimizations. At least the ingame and plugin related ones.

10 man server up and running in New York.

By: Jack on January 3rd, 2016


We’re working on starting a solid 10 man practice group for CSGO.

We recently moved our server host to a new company in New York instead of Chicago.

The IP is or just use the Steam Connect Link to get in and start playing. Server uses SPlewis Pug Mod to manage games.

The maps available in the 10 mans are:

  • de_santorini
  • Dust2
  • Inferno
  • Cobblestone
  • Mirage
  • Cache
  • de_crown
  • de_fire
  • de_facade

You can subscribe to all the maps on our server workshop collection.


Ideally we want these 10 man to be serious. Play to win, have a mic, make good callouts, and use some strategy. Don’t just run around haphazardly and try to win purely on aim. We’re mostly looking for players in the Gold Nova Master to Distinguished Master Guardian range but technically anyone is welcome.

You can join the 10 man group on Steam. We’ll post events every night or two trying to get matches going.

For chill times or voice communication check out our mumble server.



DE_SANTORINI has been added to the PUG server

By: Jack on November 2nd, 2015

With it’s release today by FMPONE we’ve decided to add De_Santorini to our PUG Mod servers.

The current full map rotation can be found on our Steam Workshop Page. Please note that Santorini has simply been added to the normal rotation of maps and is not guaranteed to be the map you play. The map that will be played is simply depended on what the 10 players in the server vote for once all players have readied up. With this map being so popular however it is more than likely it is all you’ll be seeing for the next few days.


Additionally please note that the SURF server will be shutdown for the time being. The load of all the players trying to 10man and constant high rate of request to the server makes running the SURF server incredibly difficult at this time since it is a CPU monster above and beyond what these normal 10 man servers require. It caused a lot of lag earlier in the day when all three servers were running.

Also please consider joining our steam group. We’re trying to start having more consistent 10man scrim and PUG nights. The more users we have in our group the easier it is to fill the servers and get more games in without having to wait around. Plus it is easy access to any announcements we make.

On a final note if you’d like to help keep the servers up and running please consider doing so. We’re paying for this out of our own pocket at this point. It isn’t a lot (abut $25 a month) but the more that we don’t have to pay the better because extra money allows us to scale up the hardware on the server we are renting and setup extra servers so people aren’t constantly locked out. Donate more than $2 and we’ll give you a reserve slot.

October… Fall… Season of changes.

By: Jack on September 30th, 2015


This post is a somewhat long time coming and I’ve already applied basically all of these changes to the server if you all didn’t already notice. However here we go anyway.


PVP has been turned off. We enjoyed that experience for a time however it never really came to be much of anything. PVP didn’t punish bad play like we hoped and lead basically just to some people being assholes to each other. As a result we’ve decided to remove it. As a result of PVP being gone DeathBanPlus has also been removed from the server. This plugin might return someday in order to make dying in this survival world of ours slightly more punishing. I’m going to leave it off until at least the end of October however.


Many of you will be happy to see that Warps have returned. Simply type /warps into chat to see a list of all the warps and /warp <warpName> to go to a specific warp. Pretty straight forward. If any of the information on the warps is in German I’m sorry but the guy who made this plugin is German. It also happens to be one of the only working warps plugins out there.


The rate at which users see the chat advertisements has been moved up to once every two minutes instead of once every 3 minutes. I also added a whole new set of chat emotes based on suggestions that were given during our new moderator application process. The full set of chat emotes is listed below.


Remember everyone we have a mumble server. You can get all the information on it at cooltable.org/mumble. It is a lot like skype but with better audio quality and more people can talk at once. It also has a text chat paired with it for sharing of links or communicating when you don’t have a mic. I highly recommend using it.


I added a plugin called MobArena which will let you fight monsters with your friends for extra loot. The arena isn’t fully set up yet as some work needs to be done converting the PVP Arena to work with the Mob Arena. I know a lot of you would like a PVP Arena but finding a good, free, and working PVP Arena plugin doesn’t seem to be a thing that really exist. At least not one that is compatible with Spigot 1.8.x. If you can find one let me know and I’ll look into adding it.


AutoRestart is now back up and running. It was having some real issues. So now the server will automatically shutdown, clear all its memory, and save all your builds every 6 hours. Hopefully this will help out with some of the lag many of you are experiencing when placing certain blocks. Also I installed a long list of needed updates to the operating system for the server as well as updated to the latest version of Java for the server. Ideally this will help out with some of the lag or occasional crashes as well.

If you want to see how far a server restart is at any given moment all users have been given access to the /autore time command.


New moderators were added. Some were people that applied for positions. Some were people who the staff of the server thought would make good picks to help out running this show. You’ll see them around but just know they are there.


Finally Lockette should now be useful and able to protect dispensers. No guarantees because this is Minecraft we’re talking about here. Actually modded Minecraft and I think we all know how that shit tends to go.

(//THE REST//)

Smiley Chat!

By: Jack on August 12th, 2015

I think most of you don’t know this but we have Smiley Chat on the server that you can use to add some fun flair to your chatting. The commands on what shows what are kinda obscure so I’m posting them in a list below here. Additionally in our new Looking For Moderators Post we ask for each mod to suggest a smiley that is added to the custom smileys list. So please start suggesting.


#                                       #
#           Smiley Inputs               #
#                                       #
#                                       #
#check for names: 
        happy: ':)'
        happyreverse: '(:'
        unhappy: ':('
        unhappyreverse: '):'
        love: '<3'
        male: '*male'
        female: '*female'
        music: '*music'
        checkmark: '*check'
        multiplication: '*x'
        copyright: '*copy'
        registered: '*reg'
        hourglass: '*waiting'
        star: '*star'
        phone: '*phone'
        yingyang: '*yingyang'
        skull: '*skull'
        radioactive: '*radioactive'
        biohazard: '*bio'
        airplane: '*airplane'
        envelop: '*envelop'
        arrow: '*arrow'
        armystar: '*armystar'
        scissors: '*scissors'
        peace: '*peace'
        shade: '*shade'
        mediumshade: '*medium'
        darkshade: '*dark*'
        uncheckedbox: '*box'
        checkedbox: '*cbox'
        markedbox: '*markedbox'
        triangle: '*triangle'
        square: '*square'
        circle: '*circle'
        katakana: '-_*'
        sun: '*sun'
        sun2: '*asun'
        moon: '*moon'
        moon2: '*amoon'
        clouds: '*clouds'
        snowman: '*snowman'
        umbrella: '*umbrella'
        flower: '*flower'
        flower2: '*aflower'
        comet: '*comet'
        zap: '*zap'
        snowflake: '*snow'
        heart: '*heart'
        spade: '*spade'
        diamond: '*diamond'
        club: '*club'
        blackheart: '*bheart'
        blackspade: '*bspade'
        blackdiamond: '*bdiamond'
        blackclub: '*bclub'
        left: '*left'
        right: '*right'
        up: '*up'
        down: '*down'
        doubleAngleRight: '*>>'
        doubleAngleLeft: '*<<'
        BigdoubleAngleRight: '*b>>'
        BigdoubleAngleLeft: '*b<<'
        king: '*king'
        queen: '*queen'
        rook: '*rook'
        bishop: '*bishop'
        knight: '*knight'
        pawn: '*pawn'
        blackking: '*bking'
        blackqueen: '*bqueen'
        blackrook: '*brook'
        blackbishop: '*bbishop'
        blackknight: '*bknight'
        blackpawn: '*bpawn'
        ram: '*ram'
        bull: '*bull'
        twins: '*twins'
        crab: '*crab'
        lion: '*lion'
        maiden: '*maiden'
        scale: '*scale'
        scorpion: '*scorpion'
        archer: '*archer'
        mergoat: '*mergoat'
        waterbearer: '*waterbearer'
        fish: '*fish'
#                                       #
#           1-line ascii art            #
#                                       #
#                                       #
        tableflip: '*flipstable'
        disapproval: '*lookofdis'
        headphones: '*hphones'
        troubled: '*troubled'
        embarressed: '*embarressed'
        sleeping: '*sleep'
        bomb: '*bomb'
        amazed: '*amazed'
        skrillex: '*skrillex'
        coffee: '*coffee'
        rifle: '*gunning'
#           Custom smileys              #
#   example:                            #
#       input: '*troubled'              #
#       output: '(>_<)'                 #
        input1: '*penis'
        output1: '&58==D'
        input2: '*swag'
        output2: '&2$$$&6SWAG&kkk&r&9BITCH&2$$$'
        input3: 'empty'
        output3: 'empty'
        input4: 'empty'
        output4: 'empty'
        input5: 'empty'
        output5: 'empty'
        input6: 'empty'
        output6: 'empty'
        input7: 'empty'
        output7: 'empty'
        input8: 'empty'
        output8: 'empty'
        input9: 'empty'
        output9: 'empty'
        input10: 'empty'
        output10: 'empty'
        input11: 'empty'
        output11: 'empty'
        input12: 'empty'
        output12: 'empty'
        input13: 'empty'
        output13: 'empty'
        input14: 'empty'
        output14: 'empty'
        input15: 'empty'
        output15: 'empty'


By: Jack on August 12th, 2015

Land Protection

I’ve made some changes to the server recently and we’ve had a small issue with land protection plugins. Our server host Digital Ocean had an error in something involving various aspects of the server at around the same time Haaammit and I were trying to pin down a different issue with some server restarts. This resulted in a loss of all the land protection data meaning you all are going to have to reclaim your builds and protect them. In the wake of all these issues they did give us 4 free weeks of hosting which is pretty cool of them. Props to Digital Ocean.

I set all users to have the ability to claim 2000 blocks if they had less than 2000 blocks currently. If you need more blocks to reprotect some land just ask any of the admins who are online to run the Adjust Claim Blocks Command for you. Doing so will increase the area/number of blocks you are allowed to claim for yourself.

You have two weeks to reclaim your stuff. It is up for grabs after that. If you do not login for two weeks the plugin automatically dumps your claimed land as is. We figure two weeks to reclaim it is the fairest amount of time as it is inline with the usual standard.


We added pets. People who donate $5 can set any pet they want and name it. People who donate $10 can ride or use their pet as a hat. We’re using this EchoPet plugin. So familiarize yourself with those commands.


  • OnTime messages have been changed up a bit to reflect the most recent PSA.
  • The AutoAnnouncer has had its messages changed up a bit.
  • AutoAnnouncer will not display a message every 3 minutes instead of 5.

Other Stuff

  • There was something weird going on with OnTime in which the new user reward of chain mail iron leggings would just be handed out over and over again at random ass times during the week. So we removed that reward. Simple fix and no one gave a shit about it anyway.
  • Deleted the Nether and The End warps from EasyWarps. Just warp to spawn and take the portal.
  • SmileyChat permissions were updated. All users can now use smileys and custom smileys in chat. Donors can print them onto signs as well and also use ascii art. Tier 10 Donors can put any symbol on anything that accepts text in the game.

Pets, backpacks, and new mods oh my…

By: Jack on August 11th, 2015

If you didn’t already click on it for whatever reason the above video is The Cool Table Minecraft PSA #3. We cover some new features you can enjoy on the server for donors such as pets and knapsacks. I also address that we’ve had lacking input and involvement from the staff as of late. This is fairly typical of the summer months. In the dead of summer lots of active players and lots of active staff. End of summer people take vacations, go school shopping and wrap up any summer work they have. As a result less people play around on the server.

In order to fill that void we’re starting a new initiative to find moderators for the server.

Head over to the forum and tell us why you think you’d make a good moderator including all of the criteria listed below.

  • IGN:
  • Age:
  • Location: Just saying like your country is fine.
  • Have you ever been banner or involved in a major dispute on the server? If so how was this resolved.
  • What would you do to improve the server?
  • Tell me a joke:
  • Why do you think you’d be a good moderator on the server?
  • List an emoji we should add to the custom emoji chat list?

The New CoolTable.org

By: Jack on August 11th, 2015

A lot of you have been complaining about various issues with the server lately. More simply a lot of you just want to know what the hell is going on with regard to your land protection plugin, why is there no staff around lately, and all that jazz. Well hopefully this new website will let us communicate all that a lot easier. With the added support of WordPress I can write this here blog to quickly and easily brief everyone on what the hell is going on with the server and why we do things the way we do.

It is getting a bit late here my time so I’m not going to cover it all right now but everyone should expect a new PSA tomorrow outlining recent changes and issues with the server, how we’re going to fix them, and how we’re going to find our new admins.

As always if you want to talk outside of the server head over to the Community Boards and make a post.

I’m still working on porting over all the old info from the old website. If you still need to access it I archived it for the time being.